Are You a Chicago Dog Training Expert?

Are You a Chicago Dog Training Expert small imageBe aware that being a good Chicago dog training expert implies knowledge on multiple methods capable of training all kinds of dogs.

There are so many books and sites which provide innumerable tips and recommendations to train dogs. However, you cannot follow all of them, as some methods work better than others on different breeds.

Here are some wonderful tips provided by Chicago dog training experts.

  • First, puppies have to be trained through games and fun filled activities. Any dog training activity that involves stress will not be successful. When you merge games, fun, and discipline you will gain a positive result.

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Don’t rush with training your dog too many commends at a time

Another tip is that different commands must not be stated at the same time. Each command has to be executed, as well as taught, separately to get a good outcome. After the dog learns one command correctly, you can teach the next command. But when you mix three to four commands at the same time, some dogs might get confused and give up.

Always reward your dog for positive responses to your training

  • Many Chicago dog training experts believe positive reinforcement is the best technique to teaching a new behavior. When the dog performs the needed task, a reward is given. When the dog fails to perform the task, nothing is done. It is crucial that when using positive reinforcement, you don’t fall into negative enforcement as well. Whenever an action is associated with punishment, the dog will be less likely to perform the task and more likely to cower.

Be patient when training your puppy

Dog training, especially potty training, is extremely useful. All good Chicago dog trainers must also be very patient, as dogs do not respond to commands on the first try. Some commands may take more time than others to learn, but perseverance will bring the sought after outcome.

Be Consistent with your dog training routines

  • Consistency is another key factor – when your dog starts to learn and execute a command, make sure that you use the same command words and cues to keep from confusing the pet. This will keep training on course and allow for easier training in the future.

Put your Dog in a Crate

A final technique is crate training, which some Chicago dog training experts appreciate. While busy at work, owners can take relief in knowing their pet is safe in a crate, instead of wandering around the house. This does not mean imprisonment to the dog, but related more to safety and security of having a home within your home.