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Basic Rules for Starting Your Chicago In Home Dog Training Today, small imageThere are several do’s and don’ts when you are involved in Chicago in home dog training. Simple tricks, like providing distracting items when a dog becomes bored, can change the mood immediately and perk up their attention.

Let’s go over some basic rules of Chicago in home dog training:

  • You cannot expect a dog to learn everything at once. Each command should be given separately, allowing the dog to learn in a better, stress-free way. Try to give these commands using a soft, but firm tone. Their hearing is excellent and you’ll be more approachable this way.
Also, avoid using the word “no” as it brings up negative connotations – simply don’t respond.
  • Setting realistic goals for your puppy is important – if your expectations are too high, you will struggle and get frustrated trying to achieve them. Each dog learns differently and will need different levels of stimulation. For example, puppies need to be constantly engaged and mentally trained to increase brain development (which makes training easier!).
  • Interaction with other dogs and humans is vital when trying to make them more sociable. Going to a dog park will make this step easy, but also make learning fun with interactive activities. Be sure to start socialization at a young age, since older dogs tend to have already developed personalities.
  • Keep Chicago in home dog training separated into different parts. New skills need to be taught diligently, but also in between normal activities that provide an outlet to release stress.
  • Chicago in home dog training is not an easy job with aggressive strains. But don’t give up – consistency is key!
Don’t blame your dog for their actions. You can achieve more success if you simply correct the undesirable behavior right away.
  • Chicago in home dog training shouldn’t be an isolated event. Try going to public places to practice: parks, sidewalks, beach, etc. This will not only train your pet to stay focused on you, but also work on socialization.
  • Never punish a dog when they show aggressive behavior as this will only frustrate them further. Give them time to relax, and then start working on a desired action.
Try not to lock your dog up when they make a bad choice.
  • No dog trainer will ever expect dogs to perform on cue when they haven’t been taught anything. Unless trained, they don’t know what you mean.
  • If you punish or neglect your dog, they will be much less likely to respond to your requests and become stressed.
  • Certain behaviors of dogs need proper outlets. Feelings must be released from time to time, just like humans.
  • Repeating commands is highly essential to achieve the desired results in Chicago in home dog training. When teaching a new task, try repeating at least a dozen times to get a result, and even after then practice is imperative. But this doesn’t mean you should nag your dog… they’ll only ignore you.
  • Also, remember that dogs can’t tell the difference between yelling from joy and yelling from anger – all they hear is you yelling and they get scared. Keep your voice level and soft, and your results will be more positive.

So, what’s next? Read the Chicago in home dog training basic rules again, memorize it, or print it out and go to teach your puppy something new! Like on this video: