Chicago Dog Training at Home

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Chicago Dog Training at HomeWould you believe, if I say that Chicago dog training at home is as easy as A, B and C? In fact, this is the reality.

  • Do you ever spend time thinking what to do when you see a red light while travelling?
  • Do you wait for the right time to respond when you hear a fire alarm?
  • What would be your response when someone rings your doorbell?

We automatically stop when seeing a red signal. The fire alarm alerts us to run for safety and the doorbell takes us to the door to greet the visitor. All these behaviors are automatic; we don’t spend time thinking or wait for the proper time to act. These are known as conditioned refluxes.

 We get an antecedent, the behavior follows, and the consequence comes automatically.

If we follow this model while training a dog at home, you will have an exciting time noticing improvement in your puppy with every training session. Remember, dogs are excellent learners. They are quick to respond to cues. A few minutes of observation would help you understand this.

Chicago dog training at home tip #1

Give the dog an antecedent, wait for the behavior, and determine the consequence. Your dog would surprise you with how much it can learn from you within one single session. However, do not expect things to be smooth all the time.

Chicago dog training at home tip #2 – Positive reinforcement

Another way to make Chicago dog training at home easy is to appreciate your dog when it learns something new. This would help the dog to associate the training with a pleasant experience. And, it would look forward to the next session.

Chicago dog training at home tip #3 – Always remember, you are being watched!!!

Even when the dog fails to learn what you are trying to teach despite several attempts, do not be harsh or angry in your tone. Your dog notices your rising temper even before you are forced to burst it out. Furthermore, losing temper may even destroy your cordial relationship with your dog.

Chicago dog training at home tip #4 – Don’t confuse your puppy, always give clear commands

You should understand that dogs also can get disappointed with you at times. It happens when you fail to make your commands clear. It may even happen that you unknowingly put your dog in a condition where it finds itself in a stressful situation with no way to escape.

While performing Chicago dog training at home learn to be patient and gentle throughout the training session.

Chicago dog training at home tip #5 – Teach your dog “back up” and “taking a bow”

The following are some tricks which are capable of instilling the habit of obeying to commands in a dog. Including these in your training sessions would help you to manage frustration and have a jovial time with your canine friend.

  • Back Up:

This is an easy trick which you can teach any dog. Just be patient and be ready with a handful of treats to appreciate your canine companion when it learns the command. When properly done, your dog would walk back at your command.

  • Taking a bow:

If properly taught, this trick would teach your dog to keep its chest on the ground with its rear end high. This may appear to be a tough one. But, the fact is that this is something your dog generally does.

There is a dearth of funny tricks powerful enough to make your training sessions a time of real enjoyment both for you and your dog. Just go online and search for the one which you feel would be easier for you to teach it.

Chicago dog training at home if properly done is easy and enjoyable, it just requires a bit of patience and the ability to see and enjoy even the slightest improvements.