Chicago Dog Training Methods: Teaching your puppy “Sit”

Chicago Dog Training Methods - Teaching your puppy SitWith so many Chicago dog training methods out there, it is important that you choose the right one for your purpose. When your dog is ready to learn how to sit and stand, the ultimate goal is to get them to do these actions with a simple command.

These are the stepping stones to more advanced tasks, and it is important that they are done correctly. This short post will highlight a few techniques that can be employed to teach your dog sit in the right position and the right time.

Chicago dog training methods – Teaching your dog sit, applies mostly to young puppies.

The first technique that helps to teach your dog sit is specified for young puppies and asks the pet owner to use a clear and firm tone when teaching. This does not imply that you need to cause fear in your pet, but rather ask for obedience. Watch for when your dog is about to sit; when their rear touches the ground or they actually sit, say the command “sit” and reward with a treat or praise.

In order for this to be successful, many attempts must be made in order for the command to resonate. With positive reinforcement, your dog will be more likely to follow your command any day and build a good relationship between owner and pet.

Most puppies respond well to the “sit” command.

As more complex tasks are taught, they may take more time and understanding to complete. But if you follow through with rewards for good behavior, and scolding for negative behavior, training your pet will become much easier.
Go ahead and do some more research, with so many websites offering more information on dog training, you can discover many different methods to assist in teaching other tasks.

Chicago dog training methods – Alternative technique for teaching your dog sit.

There are some instances where the rewards method may not work while teaching your dog “sit”, in which case you may try the collar method. The leash is held straight up, and you stand near or adjacent to the dog. If you pat the back of the dog, they will automatically sit. Be sure to say “sit” as you pat, so that the command is associated with the pat.

After continuously doing this for a few days, you will observe that a light pat is no longer required with the command “sit”, as the dog performs the skill naturally. If you pay attention to the behavior of the dog after each command, correcting mistakes will be easier.

There is no hard or fast rule to any method. Some work better than others, but the dog’s personality is what dictates success. Once you find the method best fit for your pet, you can improve on it and teach your dog sitting and other skills at a faster rate.

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