Chicago Dog Training Tips

Train on not to train your dog, that is the question will ask at the beginning of this Chicago Dog Training Tips chapter.

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Are you afraid your dog will become a robot?

Chicago Dog Training Tips, Teach Obedience and Simple Tasks First small pictureA lot is being said about dog training nowadays. But, the unpleasant reality is that there exists a group of dog owners who believe that dogs do not require any training.

They are of the opinion that training transforms a dog into a robot, which knows nothing except obeying the commands of its master.

This notion is entirely wrong. Experience informs us that training helps a dog get rid of unpleasant behavior and reforms it into a loyal, pleasant companion of its master.

Dog training is about effective two-way communication

Experts say that subdued obedience is not the desired outcome of dog training. It is a process of establishing a good relationship between the dog and its owner. By doing this, the owner is able to communicate to the dog and help it understand what is desirable behavior. It is then helped to develop traits which are designed to make it a good, sociable animal.

Different breeds, different dog training techniques

Studies show that dogs should be trained irrespective of its breed or the way of life of its owner. You should understand the innate personality of the dog and go for the training methods designed exclusively for it.

The techniques differ depending on the breed of dog of your choice. And, the training should start from the time it comes to your home. Training a puppy is much easier compared to training an old dog.

The training sequence – obedience should be always first

The first trait a dog should be taught to have is obedience. To begin with, train your dog to respond the moment its name is called out. From the time it starts happening automatically, you can go to the next command, to come to you when you call its name. Remember, you have to be patient and gentle at every step of the training.

Be gentle while training your dog

At times, it may happen that the dog may fail to grasp what is being taught. Instead of blaming it for the trouble, evaluate your training strategies. Make sure that you remain constant, gentle and firm with the commands you teach.

Remember, being carried away by emotions may prove disastrous for you, it may spoil the bond you enjoy with your dog.

Start with simple commands. When you feel convinced that your dog is able to follow your instructions without the aide of any motivational rewards, go on to more complicated tasks or tricks.

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The Third Way dog training method developed by Chris Bach

If you are someone who wishes to go for a modern system of dog training, the third way training is the ideal option to try out. Developed by Chris Bach, this mode of training combines all the good characteristics of the existing modes of dog training.

The strategy tries to gently discourage the dog from developing bad behavior through the intervention of the dog owner. And, this intervention should not be aggressive or punitive. Here, the dog is offered the chance to choose the good from the bad with the aide of cues from its owner.

This particular mode of training may require professional assistance. Spend a little time online and search for agencies which offer this kind of training.

Irrespective of the option you go for, dog training is a never-ending process. It demands patience, gentleness and the ability to see small improvements and appreciate them.