Dog obedience training Chicago

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Dog Obedience Training Chicago, Strategies and TechniquesThere are many different successful strategies involved in dog obedience training Chicago. Before starting, you must realize that a lot of patience is required. Dogs do not listen to your commands on the first try – it takes practice.

When you repeat command words such as sit or stay, followed by an action, dogs register the association and pick up on it.

However, even if the command and environment is replicated, not all dogs learn the same, since not all dogs have the same personality or learning capabilities. This is why multiple methods have been explored for dog training.

Dog obedience training Chicago – teach your puppies as they play

One popular method used by Chicago dog training experts is to train puppies as they play. Associating commands with games helps dogs relax and puts them in a pleasant mood. Happier dogs tend to listen better and follow commands, making your life (as the Chicago dog trainer) much easier.

This method may clash with the ideology that many pet owners hold: that dog training and play time are separate actions and should be distant. Despite this claim, Chicago dog owners are encouraged to integrate one action into the other. For example, to teach your dog to sit and wait, play fetch.

Example: Throw a ball, and as your dog returns it, command them to sit. Play time will only continue if they follow what you ask, so when they sit, throw the ball again. By repeating this action daily, the term sit will become a habitual act. It will also make playing with your pet easier, as they’ve learned to calmly wait until you throw the ball.

Dog obedience training Chicago is not only important around the home, though. Dogs can serve on police forces, assist the military, and guide the blind. One example would be dogs being taught to sniff and search illicit items smuggled from country to country, which requires special training.

Not only do these dogs need to be professional, but they also must be properly socialized. By working in parks, backyards, and other various places, they get used to working around humans and other dogs, limiting the liability of aggressive behaviors.

Show as much enthusiasm as possible while performing dog obedience training Chicago

Finally, when teaching your dog obedience, enthusiasm is vital. Dogs can sense a lack of interest or authority, and training will become much harder when your dog has no respect for you. Therefore, your voice must be authoritative and your dog must believe in you.

Coaxing a proper response will only be more difficult when your puppy is distracted or your dog refuses to listen. So remain calm, hold on to your patience, and find a neutral environment where both you and your pet can learn to better each other’s lives.

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