Dog Obedience Training Motivation

What is dog obedience training motivation?

Dog Obedience Training Motivation - dog training Chicago small imageMotivation is the driving force for every living being and a dog is not an exception. If you want your dog to respond to obedience training and acquire the habits you want it to learn, you should make sure that it is motivated with food, toys or other forms of appreciation.

Before beginning dog obedience training you should start with an analysis of what your dog likes most.

If yours is a dog which likes to please its master, it would definitely enjoy playing with a ball or anything similar. If it is of an independent nature, the greatest motivation is the permission to do things in its own way. Whatever is the situation, it is you who would be able to take an informed decision.

If instead of training your dog at home you hire a professional Chicago dog trainer you may take some ideas from him. But, there is no guarantee that all of them would work for your dog. If it happens that your dog’s performance lags despite your best efforts, you may go for expert support for the same. However, analyzing the following situations may be of assistance to you.

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Your rewards used as dog obedience training motivation are not sufficient:

A general misconception which often causes frustration in Chicago dog training is that since dogs enjoy pleasing its master, they do not require any reward. If this had been the situation, dog training would never have acquired the popularity it enjoys at present.

The fact is that a dog wants to please itself. And, the best thing is to make it feel motivated to do what you want it to do.

A gentle pat, a few words of appreciation or the food it likes most go a long way in motivating your pet. Take care to ensure that your dog gets the attention it expects from its master. Do not forget, isolation may adversely affect the personality of your canine companion.

The amount of practice may not be adequate to fully complement dog obedience training motivation:

You may be keen to reward the dog when it learns something new. But, you are not giving it enough practice to imprint the new command in its mind. Another mistake people often commit is that they fail to reward the dog in such a way as to build a “motivational foundation”. The reasons may be numerous. It may be the inability to notice slight improvements or being not well-prepared for the training.

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Whatever is the reason, it is sure to affect the progress of your in home dog training Chicago.

Combining the dog obedience training motivation (the reward) with some form of punitive measures:

This is something which should not be done at any cost at least in the initial stages of the training. Combining reward with punishment would create a situation where the dog starts associating training sessions with something unpleasant. And, the consequences are predictable.

You fail to integrate the dog obedience training motivation (the reward) in the every-day training session:

A reward is a treat to motivate your dog to do something. But, it often gets misinterpreted. A reward is something the dog wants at a certain time. It may also happen that food may fail to motivate the dog in such a way as to learn something new. The rewards can range from playing with it or offering it a ride in your car.

Make it a point to write down the things your dog enjoys most.
If you keep all these things in mind and find the best dog obedience training motivation, you will have an exciting time enjoying the company of your pet.