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Dominance based dog training in Chicago

Dominance Based Dog Training in ChicagoIn order to better understand dominance based dog training it’s good to mix some history and research performed over the years.

There might be many dog training methods and each one has its own benefits as well as disadvantages. When you try a method for a certain period of time and find that it is successful, you can move on to other methods without any hesitation.

Similarly, when you find that a method is unsuccessful, there need not be any disappointment. Most of the Chicago pet owners who have tried the dominance based dog training technique find it to be useful. But there is also a different view about this dog training.

Dominance Based Dog Training Concept

The overall concept of dominance based dog training originated in the year 1940. The model has been adapted from the way wolves live. The wolves live in packs and the alpha male will be dominating over other wolves. Similarly, the dogs will be dominated by humans in this method.

But later, it has been found that wolves live in the form of a nuclear family. Only the father and mother will dominate their offspring. There is no fighting among the wolves and the younger ones will be following the actions as well as commands of the older ones.

Disadvantages of Dominance Based Dog Training Method

There are certain disadvantages on using dominance based dog training method. For instance, each dog might express a specific characteristic feature. When you control this feature through dog training programs, it will get suppressed. In other words, you are actually controlling the natural behavior of the dogs through this technique.

Some people also protest that this way of commanding dogs is against the laws of nature.

Sometimes, it can even result in odd behaviors in dogs. For example, the dog which is always submissive will become shyer or it might express higher levels of fear and anxiety at all times. These are considered to be certain detrimental responses of dominance based dog training. On the other hand, those dogs which are already wild and ferocious might turn more aggressive.

The more you try to control the dogs, the more will be the effect on their wild behavior. Moreover, one animal becomes dominant over another in the wild environment, when they are in search of food or scarce resources. But this need not be used in dog training session.

Dominance based dog training was later popularized by few monks in 1970s. It was a very popular concept in one of the television program titled Dog whisperer. The most common things that you wish the dog to do will be to sit, walk along with you or to do certain repeated actions. When the dominance submission relation is once established, it has to be reinforced again and again. When a particular task is tested constantly, this will become a habitual action.

Apart from dominance based dog training in Chicago, the relation based dog training can be used in many cases. Have you heard about symbolic relation? The concept of relation based dog training is based on symbolic connections. In this method, both the trainer as well as the dog gets benefit. The desired behavior is encouraged in dogs so that the undesired ones are eliminated.