Home Dog Training Tips

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Home dog training tips - puppy obedience training ChicagoThere is no doubt to the fact that by performing home dog training we expect our puppy to become a loyal, sociable and obedient companion. And, this is a process which should be continued all through its life. The following insights will help you better understand your puppy or dog while preparing it for the training:

Home Dog Training Tip #1

Understand that your canine companion is destructive by nature. Provide good outlets to take out its destructive instincts.

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Home Dog Training Tip #2

Like human beings, dogs too need nutritious diet and exercise to remain healthy. At times your puppy too may feel bored. Ensure that your puppy remains active all the time.

Home Dog Training Tip #3

From the time you start house training your puppy, select a particular phrase to be repeated with the animal. It should be trained in such a way that it should do what is expected from him the moment you use that phrase.

Home Dog Training Tip #4

If you are someone who enjoys walking with your dog, take care to ensure that it receives proper leash training. This would turn your otherwise frustrating journey into a great enjoyment, both for you and your canine companion.

Home Dog Training Tip #5

Even though a harness is highly recommended as a gentle means of controlling your dog, it may make training difficult. This happens due to the fact that when compared to collar, harness offers less control. The viable solution for the trouble is making use of a combination of harness and collar. However, take great care to ensure that you are tugging the collar only when situation compels you to do so.

Home Dog Training Tip #6

Remember, punishment may offer a short-time solution for your difficulty. But, this would create a situation where your puppy obeys only because it is scared of you. This is sure to cause a number of behavioral issues.

Home training of more than one puppy at the same time

This may appear to be a difficult job. To begin with, observe your dogs. If you feel that all of them are not able to concentrate in the way you expected them to, you may rethink the strategy. You may have to set aside time to train each dog individually.

Prepare treats with great caution and separate home dog training treats from regular / daily diet treats

When you select treats to reward your dog during the time of training, take care to go for treats which automatically attract your dog’s attention. Exploring the Internet or seeking recommendations from the vet in your area would help you in taking an informed decision in the matter.

However, beware of a situation where the dog gets confused between the treats for training and its daily diet. The treats are there to encourage good behavior and it should be separate from its daily diet. Keeping a record of the treats is a good idea as well. You do not want your dog to suffer from overweight.

Once you learn your home dog training routines you can take a next step and turn it into a dog training business

With the abundance of information available online, you can learn dog training easily just by spending a few minutes regularly reading blogs of experts in the field. You could also purchase online one of the popular home dog training and dog behavior courses like this one – Dog Training Secrets

When it comes to a career, you are expected to be prepared for hardships. At least for some time, you may be required to work hard receiving minimum payment. Your talents, required qualifications (a degree in psychology or biology) and effective communication skills would reward your attempts in a carrier and home dog training field.