Relationship based dog training in 7 steps

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Relationship based dog trainingExperts proficient in relationship based dog training say, “what is possible between a human being and animal is possible only within a relationship.” Research conducted in the field informs us that like human beings, dogs have feelings as well. And, it has now developed into such a stage that we can never overlook the emotions of our canine companion.

The mode of dog training designed in this direction is known as relationship based dog training. Here, the requirements of both the dog and the owner are taken into account while designing a training program. However, there may be times when the impulses of a dog cannot be granted. For instance, we cannot allow a puppy to chase a cat along the street. We have to take care of its safety. But, as a dog owner, you can go for other options to divert this impulse and make your dog happy.

Helping your dog to succeed / the meaning of relationship based dog training

Relationship based dog training means much more than mere training. Here, the owners are required to see every training session in the same way as raising their own children. For instance, in an educational institution, children learn things step by step. First, they are taught to count.

It is only after making sure that they are able to count without assistance that they are taken to the next level. Puppies should be treated in the same manner. Begin with simple, easy to understand commands. Take to the next step only after making sure that it has mastered whatever is being taught.

Always begin your relationship based dog training at a basic level

It may also happen that like a child, your puppy too may face difficulty in understanding a particular command at times. Go over to the previous step and repeat the instructions until the puppy is able to respond to the command being taught without a treat. Do not expect your puppy to go for complicated tasks until it has mastered the basics.

Try the following 7 steps while training your puppy to build a solid relationship:

  1. Teach a simple command keeping your puppy away from diversions
  2. When it learns the command, you should stand a bit far from your puppy and repeat the same
  3. As the next step, take it to an area where there are small diversions. Repeat the same process.
  4. Do the same, this time, you should stand away from the puppy.
  5. Success in this attempt is the indication that you can take your puppy to an area where there are lots of distractions. You can even stand away from the dog this time.
  6. Do not move to the next level until you feel confident that your dog has mastered the command being taught.
  7. If the puppy faces any trouble responding to any instruction, go over to the last level and repeat all the steps described above.

However, you should be able to understand the body language of the dog if you wish to be successful in the process. Taking training from a behaviorist would go a long way in helping you to understand what your dog is trying to tell you.
Do not forget, you need to remain gentle and cheerful all through the training session.

Every relationship based dog training session must end with a pleasant note.